Romario: I was better! Messi & Ronaldo?

Updated: February 20, 2016

Romario has given his all-time top 5 player list in an interview with Brazilian media outlet Esporte Ponto Final. Like 100m sprinters, strikers are renowned for their enormous egos and high opinions of themselves; scoring goals is predicated on being a cocksure character.

And Romario certainly fits that bill.

Now in politics, Romario could never be described as a shrinking violet during his playing days, and that hasn’t changed a bit, even with the inevitable drop in testosterone that comes with middle age.

Romario laughably puts himself in 2nd place in his all-time list, just behind 3-time World Cup-winning Pele.

His full list is: 1. Pelé. 2. Romário. 3. Diego Armando Maradona. 4. Ronaldo Nazário. 5. Zinedine Zidane

No Leo Messi? Really?

The list is very vintage; 3 of the players played in Romarios’s 90s/00s era, with no place for players of the current era.

Romario does explain that Messi and Cristiano can get into his future lists; but even still, he can’t seriously think he was better than Messi, can he?

Rio Ferdinand won’t be impressed either; for Rio, Zizou shouldn’t even be in the top 10!

(Via Mundo Deportivo)

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